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JASStek offers a variety of Innovative IT services and solutions designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business.
Key Services and Capabilities
Analytics- Design and Strategy
The big challenge for most organizations in fast paced rapidly changing landscape of data science and analytics is a strategy and design. JASStek can help with Roadmaps and Design ideas and Analytics strategies for your business problem.
JASStek has successfully used its Analytics Soup recipe to provide Use Cases, Dashboard concepts and Visualizations as Proof of Concept to its Clients.
"ANALYTICS LIFECYCLE" aka "Analytics Soup Recipe"
1. Descriptive Analytics – “The Analytics of Current State of Matter”
This is the “What” of a scenario. The Analysis of “What” is occurring.
2. Diagnostic Analytics – “The Analytics of Symptoms”
This is the “Why” of a scenario. The Analysis of “Why” is occurring.
3. Predictive Analytics – “The Analytics Astrology”
This is the “What is Likely” of a scenario. The Analysis of “What Likely” is to happen.
4. Prescriptive Analytics – “The Analytics Doctor”
This is the “What is Optimum Solution” of a scenario. The Analysis of arriving at a Solution.

Value Added Innovative Staffing Solutions
JASStek has always tried to remain at the forefront of recruiting the best talent and developing wholistic and Innovative models in Recruitment in lock Step with evolving technology.
JASStek has happy customers for our innovative out of box thinking and out-of box approaches.
JASStek has developed and successfully used its Innovative "Respect the Req, Hack the Spec, Work Shadow & Behold" model for fast-paced hi-tech IT recruitment.
"Respect the Req, Hack the Spec, Work Shadow & Behold !!!" model.
Step 1: Break down the requisition into a requirement list for identifying the unique technology set.
Step 2: Check the requirement list for underlying sub-technologies. Hack the “specs”.
For Example: The requisition says - Administrator for product “X”. “Hack the Spec” and get to the specification detail of “X”. Let’s say the specification defines “X” is made of “a”, b” and “c”. A perfect match would be a candidate with “X” and having all technologies “a”, “b” and “c”.
The candidate now matches the core technologies: “a”, “b” and “c”, no match on “X”, but a “Y” or “Z”. “X” is a component which the candidate can easily pick-up in couple of hours using on the job work- shadow training. So, we proceed with this as a match.
Work Shadow & Behold !!!:
Step 3: Work Shadow – Offer an on-job work shadow arrangement to the client for catching-up on “X”, which is easy to learn.
Step 4: Behold – Within a matter of hours/days, the candidate is fully-functional and we have a behold on a successful placement!!!
AR-VR Design and Strategy
Augmented and Virtual Realty are the new sunshines in the solar landscape of Technology evolutions
JASStek can evaluate and provide strategy and direction or design ideas as Proofs of Concepts and Use Cases on including elemnts of AR-VR. A Picture or a video says a thosand words.
Application/Mobile Apps Development & Support
JASStek’s solutions are designed to grow with your company while providing immediate benefit and can seamlessly integrate with your existing technologies and IT infrastructure.
With our crew with extensive experience across industry verticals Application and Mobile Application Development is our comfort-zone.
With our knowledge and research on AR VR we bring cutting-edge solutions , infrsatructure ideas , processes and ideas to Application or Mobile Application development.
Custom Help Desk
JASStek offers Customized Help Desks solutions.
Depending on the requirement and technology JASStek can cutomize and train a pool of our resources to offer a Custom Help Desk.
One such conceptual idea is our "Veteran Help Desk for Desktop Support" .
We can offer a help-desk for Desktop Support comprised of Veterans offering 24/7 support. Another way to thank the Veterans who served us. Extrapolating this idea, JASStek can provide Help Desks tailor made to your needs with local resources and local pool.
Project/Program Management
JASStek can provide an experienced and independent review, guidance and management of technical projects including data center build-outs, DevOps Strategies, technology upgrades, application development, and new systems deployments.
We have strong focus on requirements mapping, milestone creation and project review along with a comprehensive communication plan within project team, stakeholders, and cross impacted parts of the organization.
Our Project/Program management offerings include
On-site management to oversee multiple projects and efforts
Budget tracking and reporting
Resource management
Project status tracking and reporting
Change control management
Issue identification, tracking and resolution
Risk management and mitigation
Change management and training
Executive reporting
Dev-Ops Management
Business Process Transformations
Information and technology overload is a common phenomenon in most organizations. With advent and extensive use of AR VR and Analytics in technology space Business Transformatoon Analysis and Processes are needed. Some ares where this service impacts is Suppliers, Customers, and Social-networking.
Implemented with Use Cases and Proof of Concepts simple changes like using a Tool can radically transform ROI's , errors or response from Customers. JASStek's industry experts can evaluate your specific industry and present use-cases and prrof of concepts for these transformations. Alternatively, JASStek can provide resources to be a part of your team which is working to bring Business Transformations in your organization.
JASStek brings Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) experience in several business domains. We can provide value-added software testing and IV&V services for various organizations. We also undertake long term testing operations for products or the entire enterprise applications. JASStek can customize its testing services according to the testing needs, which range from a single level of testing to end-to-end testing, adhering to well-defined SLAs. Our testing services include application testing, test data management, test consultation and end-to-end testing services.
IV&V methods and Strategy
With advent of containerized applications and embedded code and developement of hacks/codes to extract data from multiple sources IV&V of software code is becoming an essential service. Our Code IV&V process can test and create use-cases to cover scenarios and create cases to make sure the application logic does what it says. We can also provide resources who can test and quality control application logic. Our Independent Verification and Validation experts can audit for compliance Application Code , Application Logic and Application Data.
We have access to resource pool who have public sector industry experience and expertise in Application Audits and Quality Control.

WCAG Compliance and Testing
Besides traditional Testing of applications and data JASStek test your website for WCAG compliance and suggest improvements.
Documentation , VLogs , Help Manuals
JASStek can develop your Documentation system , Video Logs for communication or training and Help manuals
Ongoing Product Development and Projects
JASStek is developing a system CHPMS (Cloud based Healthcare Practice Management System ) designed to ease the scheduling for both the doctor's office and the client. Some features include- Cloud-based automated Scheduling System with minimal human intervention , Multi-platform capability in order to accommodate desktop, mobile and tablet worlds , Live scheduling system showing physician’s availability once the patient signs in , Fill from Home concept enabling submission of patient info from home and even pay using a credit card , (First visit patients save significant time by submitting paperwork ahead of time) , Check-in when you Start concept helps users to check-in for their scheduled visit from home so that the wait times after they arrive are minimal using a confirmation code.
2. Analytics Dashboard Framework
JASStek has an Analytics Dashboard Framework which can be customized and used for Descriptive Analytics for an organization.
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