Hire A Veteran
Veteran Program
JASStek provides personalized employment assistance to US Military veterans by identifying transferable skills from the military to corporate America. Training is provided on need basis. Our veterans application staffing are in the areas:
Applications Development
Business Analyst
Data Architect
Database Administrator
Mobile Development
Project Management
Software Engineer
Software QA
UI/UX Designer
Web Application Developer
Web Designer
Why Hire Veterans
JASStek recognizes veterans are:
Easy to train
Have proven ability to learn new skills
With Leadership, Teamwork& Integrity
To perform under pressure
With respect for policy and procedures
And already tested for real world experiences.
How We Hire Veterans
JASStek has multiple sources for hiring veterans that include:
Veteran resume portals
Veteran program networks
Word of mouth from fellow vets
National resource directory
Social networking
American heroes at work
How We Place Veterans
JASStek has multiple clients interested in hiring skilled IT staff who are also veterans. While some requirements desire junior level IT staff, other include Subject matter experts, Logistics, Policy and Audit experts with skills that translate from the military. Through our network JASStek reaches out to:
Current clients and vendors
Local, state and federal agencies
Corporate veterans placement programs
Our Commitment
JASStek’s “veterans FIRST” program is dedicated to ensuring job opportunities for US military veterans in a way that will help reduce unemployment rate of those who server the county. “Helping those who helped us”.
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