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Advance Analytics

A Data analytics technique that uses machine learning to drive changes and improve business practices by developing deeper insights, making predictions, and generating recommendations.

See how JASStek’s Advance Analytics solutions can help your business:

Financial Analytics

JASStek forecast models in Revenue, Cost, Budget & Vault were delivered with over 95% accuracy.

Safety Analytics

JASStek’s predictive data models enhance safety by reducing wrist injury rate at a major theme park.

Operational Readiness

JASStek’s advanced analytics and artificial intelligence models enhanced defense operational readiness.

Healthcare Analytics

JASStek’s Dyslexia model helps identify children needing early intervention.

Supply Chain Analytics

JASStek’s Building material forecasting model enhances profit margins by placing just-in-time orders.

Fraud Analytics

JASStek Claims analytics model reduces fraud by analyzing submissions prior to payments.

City Analytics

JASStek has experience in various city analytics solutions including Finance, Human Resource, Traffic, etc.