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  • Blockchain Partnership
  • November, 2018: JASStek announces partnership with Strategic Outcomes Canada, to expand its Blockchain and Enterprise Architecture landscape.
  • Emerald Partnership
  • September, 2018: JASStek becomes the innovation partner with Dublin City schools, and selects 11 students into our 2018 innovation internship program.
  • JAStalk - Patented Technology
  • August, 2018: JASStek receives patent for its innovation in Art of Communication using Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
  • GSA Certified
  • August, 2018: JASStek on General Service Agreement to commence federal contact work.
  • City Analytics Delivered
  • July, 2018: JASStek delivers Revenue Analytics project under City Analytics agenda with over 95% forecast accuracy.
  • VeteranFIRST
  • January, 2017: JASStek launches veteraFIRST program to train US military veterans and staff them into Information technology jobs all over the US.
  • Paul Smith joins JASStek team
  • November, 2016: Air force veteran and a seasoned federal sales executive joins JASStek.