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Data Integration Toolkit: Catalogue of intelligent scanners

JASStek product suite contains intelligent data scanners to automatically catalogue datasets and data category or classifications e.g. Customer data.

JASStek Data Integration toolkit is a rapid, light-touch cloud deployment, with ready made templates, minimized start-up time and accelerated time to value.

Our Data Integration toolkit reduces the effort required to map data asset lineage, impact analysis, and data asset classification by up to 90%, and also provides sustainable benefits by enabling repeatable analysis, reducing days of effort to hours for each analysis question.

Key features include:

  • Scan and Collect: Automatically scans over 10 different technologies and collects metadata on 160,000 data assets across the BI COE environment, leveraging the library of metadata scanners.
  • Catalogue: Establishes a sustainable, unified data asset catalogue supporting advanced search, visualization, lineage and impact analysis, and enabling actionable insights.
  • Analyse: Enables analysis of relationships across data assets through rapid impact analysis. Leveraging data usage insights and the effect of changes to data assets, and identifying who, what and where impacts.
  • Simplify: Implements built-in workflow and tracking dashboards to measure simplification efforts and ensure that analysis and insights are actionable.