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JAStalk©: Talking Monuments

JAStalk© is a communication tool that enables every object to talk.

A revolutionary way to communicate, share knowledge, process information through real time interactions with humans.

Powered by innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Image Recognition, Virtual Reality and Mobile communication. A patented technology with application in multiple industry segments, including: Tourism, Retail, Healthcare, Supply-chain, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Automobile, Education, Transportation, etc.

JAStalk is an innovative advancement to the Art-of-Communication.

Implementations of JAStalk include:

  • Hall of Fame: Enable Famers talk
  • Museum: Enable Artifact talk
  • Retail: Visual supply chain from Blockchain
  • Manufacturing: Visual maintenance from data analytic insights
  • Healthcare: Visual RX management
  • Auction Houses: Artifact authenticity and history
  • Smart City: Visual tours
  • Service Industry: Visual training manuals
  • Education: Virtual interactive classrooms
  • Food and Safety: Visual calorific display and recall thru blockchain
  • Sports and Recreation: Virtual trainer.