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City Analytics: Revenue Advanced Analytics Forecast

JASStek’s Revenue Analytics model is a financial tool for fiscal management, that presents estimated information based on past, present and projected future trends.

City government uses this tool to help identify future revenue and trends that may have immediate or long-term impact on policy, strategy and community.

JASStek delivered City Income tax revenue forecast model using advanced analytics towards providing insights into seasonality trends of income tax by type at daily level.

In alignment with smart city agenda, this project is designed to enhance decision process using data analytics.

Some key benefits of Revenue forecast model include:

  • Increase revenue using insights from forecasting performance of individual tax types
  • Base strategic decisions using data analytics. E.g. Relationship between Jobs creation and real estate vacancy
  • Repeatable model for identifying other revenue drivers and for future PoC expansion into the use of external datasets and independent variables like weather, unemployment, industry trends, clusters, etc.