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Park Analytics: Safety: Wrist Injury Rate Reduction

Advance Analytics can play an important role in resolving various business problems and meeting business goals. Customer satisfaction, increased revenue and optimizing operations continue to be the key priorities in entertainment industry. Advanced analytics can provide valuable insights in this space.

Park safety ties into customer satisfaction and employee motivation. JASStek’s Advanced analytics data models is being used to predict safety incidents and to better manage its reduce occurrence. One step closer to smart safety management, emerging technology concepts like IoT, Artificial intelligence, and Blockchain can help improve safety and overall operations at the studios.

Designed as a PoC, this use case plays a key role in defining the overall strategy towards setting an internal Advanced analytics center of excellence, which will further lead the innovation strategy at the park.

JASStek Advanced Analytics solutions for the park include:

  • Safety Analytics
  • Revenue & Cost Analytics
  • Operational Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Visualization Dashboard.