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Innovation Staffing

Staff that help build innovative solutions for your business across the globe.

See how JASStek’s Innovation Staffing solutions can help your business:

Information Technology

Computer software designers, developers, testers and Implementation experts, Technology leads , Project management professionals, Scrum Leaders and Requirement analyst.

Hi Tech

Blockchain developers, Data Scientists, Big Data Architects, AR VR Developers, UX Designers, Visualization Experts, Cloud Computing, Firmware Developers.


Product design, CAD CAM, Automation Engineers, Driverless car, 3D manufacturing, IoT Design, Infrastructure architect, Hardware architect.

Non Technical Staff Augmentation

Auditors, Line managers, Subject matter experts, Journeyman, CXO’s, etc.

Engagement Models

Managed Service provider, Staff Augmentation, Contract to hire, Full time hiring, Custom staff Augmentation per client’s specific needs.