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Mobile Apps

Computer program designed specifically to run on a mobile device like smartphone or tablet.

See how JASStek’s mobile apps can help your business:

Smart City Apps

JASStek smart city app provides real time information on City government, events, citizen interactions.

Equipment tracking Apps

JASStek’s tracking app provides information on equipment procurement, location, status, etc.

Multimodal trip planning Apps

JASStek’s trip planning app is a part of smart city agenda enabling transportation via multiple nodes.

Blockchain visualization Apps

JASStek’s Blockchain provides real time information on ledgers, access blocks, and status.

Museum Apps

JASStek’s Museum app is an enhanced customer experience using AR / VR and guided virtual tours.

Dashboard visualization Apps

JASStek Financial, Operational, Blockchain dashboard is build on JASStek’s proprietary ABCD platform.

Custom Apps

JASStek has experience in delivering various apps for custom requirements using iOS and Android.